Todos Somos Ellas

A Project by Paul T. Owen


These images of women, seemingly defenseless before the camera, are meant to bring particular attention to the violence against women taking place in Mexico and to help bring about the eradication of femicide, by extension, throughout the world. These are not simply portraits of individuals, but represent the thousands of women who have been violently murdered because of their gender (femicide). 


The title of this project was derived from the response of a group of women who, when asked to be photographed, replied, “Yes, we would like to be part of this project because we are all them” (Todas Somos Ellas). Owen modified the title from the feminine form to include all people because he believes femicide and violence against women concerns everyone. In Owen’s words: “Men are perpetrating these acts therefore it is their responsibility to stop it.”



Become a Part of the Todos Somos Ellas Project


Todos Somos Ellas is a dynamic project in which your participation is of key importance. The aim of the project is to start a conversation around issues of violence against women, raise voices that condemn these acts, and promote actions to stop them.


We invite you to become part of this conversation; to join the dialogue offering your comments, suggestions, and experiences. By engaging in this interactive process you will be able to contribute relevant facts, ideas, and questions concerning femicide and violence against women in general. You will also become part of a larger project that transcends the walls of the galleries where the images are displayed. Your active participation is important in shaping the texts which appear as aura on your mobile devices and helps build communities that stimulate healthy, productive conversation that promotes real changes in women´s everyday reality.


Todos Somos Ellas is an ongoing project that will be transformed by you and, hopefully, will help transform the lives of women all over the world.  We’d also love to hear about, local, national and international issues, statistics, activities and actions etc.  Become part of the conversation today and follow the project as it evolves in response to the interaction of you and others like you.


You can interact with the photographs and share your experience and thoughts with the Todos Somos Ellas community anytime via:  (website)

todos somo sellas (facebook)

@todossomosellas  (twitter)

Selective comments will replace existing text, creating a dialogue and expand the conversation beyond the walls of the gallery.


In addition to the involvement with the project described above, some of the images in Todos Somos Ellas allow an instantaneous interaction with the viewer utilizing the free smartphone app, Aurasma. Follow the instructions below to interact with Todos Somos Ellas. 

(Note: Todos Somos Ellas and has no affiliation with Aurasma.)


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Todo Somos Ellas Exhibitions


  1. Centro Cultural Clavijero, Calle Nigromante No. 79, 58000 Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico. July 19 – August 31, 2013. (one-person exhibition)

  2. IMU Imagen Museo, Colima Mexico October 15 – December 15, 2013 (one-person exhibition)

  3. Bella Vista Gallery, Asheville, North Carolina, USA.  December 1, 2013 - February 28, 2014. (Featured artist)

  4. Social in Practice, The Nathan Cummings Foundation, New York, New York, USA. March 27 – October 2, 2014. (group exhibition)

  5. Social in Practice, Department of Photography & Imaging, Gulf & Western and 8th Floor Galleries, New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, New York, New York, USA. October 16 – November 29, 2014. (group exhibition)

  6. Group show: International Photography Festival, Todos Somos Ellas photos, Pingyao, China   (Fall/Winter 2013)



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Todos  Somos  Ellas

"We Are All Them"